Toodyay History at a Glance: 1920s

Toodyay’s Great War ‘Honor Board’ was unveiled in the Road Board Chambers (now the foyer of the Toodyay Memorial Hall). The Toodyay Soldiers’ Memorial was unveiled in the Toodyay Park. A Progress Association, school P and C, Swimming Club, Fruitgrowers’ Association and Traders’ Association were formed and the Golf Club reformed. The town was lit by electricity and pictures were shown! The first school bus service (horse and cart) commenced and Toodyay celebrated the first Consolidated School in the state. The Bolgart Co-op came to Toodyay. Eurythmic won the Sydney Cup. The use of vehicle licence plates commenced. The Toodyay Mechanics’ Institute and Library were closed, but a new Rifle Range was opened.  The Toodyay Road Board bought the Toodyay Agricultural Society’s Toodyay Showgrounds. The Governor-General of Australia visited Toodyay. Underground telephone cables were laid in town. The Bolgart Branch of the Country Women’s Association of WA was formed, soon followed by the Toodyay Branch.

The Temperance Hall was turned into the Masonic Lodge, but Drummond’s Mill was demolished. The Wendouree Bakery and Refreshment Rooms were opened, the tea rooms are still in service. The train finally got to Miling. A flood reached the steps of St. Stephen’s Church. The new Toodyay Motor Garage was built, and still operates as such. The Toodyay Herald also had new premises built. Three hundred officers and sailors from the British warships accompanying the Duke and Duchess of York visited Toodyay (but the Duke and Duchess didn’t). The Minister for Public Works opened the Toodyay Power Station and the new Toodyay Road Board Chambers and offices in the renovated Toodyay Mechanics’ Institute building. The Prime Minister of Australia visited Toodyay. Toodyay celebrated WA’s Centenary with various functions. The decade ended with the formation of the Toodyay Branch of the Australian Red Cross.

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