Toodyay History at a Glance: 1910s

After a public referendum, the name of Newcastle was changed to Toodyay, and old Toodyay to West Toodyay. The Municipality of Newcastle became the Municipality of Toodyay. The town had a public roller skating rink! The Toodyay Town Hall and a new lawn bowling green were officially opened.  A change of name of the main street from New Road to Stirling Terrace was approved. Another pubic referendum started the process of the dissolution of the Toodyay Municipality and its merger into the Toodyay Road District, with a subsequent increase in wards and Road Board members. The Toodyay Football Club won the premiership of the Eastern Districts Football Association, after 17 years of trying. The Toodyay Golf Club was formed. Halls and schools were opened. The land suffered drought and flooding rains. Toodyay’s men went off to war, and most were welcomed home. Several referenda were held on compulsory military conscription. A Noongar cemetery was gazetted in and near the Toodyay Showgrounds in the town. The Toodyay State School was classified as a special Rural Observation School. Peace celebrations were held. The Toodyay Cricket Club commenced. An electric lighting service commenced, near Connor’s Mill. The Toodyay Branch of the Returned Soldiers’ Association was presented with its Charter. An ‘Honor Board’ of servicemen was unveiled in the Bolgart Agricultural Hall.

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