Toodyay History at a Glance: 1890s

The Toodyay Agricultural Show moved to new showgrounds (where it is still held today). The first Proclamation Day was celebrated with fireworks! But a fire burnt down the Newcastle Police Stables (new stone ones arose). Miss Millie Viola made a successful balloon ascent. C.Y. O’Connor chose the site of the new Newcastle railway station. The Toodyay Vine and Fruit Growers’ Association was formed. The Central districts advertiser newspaper commenced, which included Toodyay news. A second Avon River bridge was constructed. The Toodyay Road District was reduced in size when the Goomalling Road District was created. A tennis club had been formed. A hospital, new railway station, station master’s house, Oddfellows’ Hall, court house and police station, country halls and schools, a church and a post office were built. The Blackboy Hill Goldfield had an impact. In 1899, the Municipal Council Chambers was built, and the Toodyay Lodge No. 2803, E.C. (English Constitution) was constituted and met upstairs in what is now the Toodyay Bakery.

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