Toodyay Feature Names (2006)

In January 2007, as a result of an enquiry, the Toodyay Historical Society received this list of the natural topographic features in the Shire of Toodyay, such as brooks and hills, and other names such as reserves. This information, in a spreadsheet format, is public information, freely available from the Geographic Names Section, of the Department of Land Information, in Midland, WA. This information is maintained in the Geographic Names of WA database referred to as GEONOMA. GEONOMA data is now available on the web:

The list contains 124 names, with the following information: Geographic name; Feature class; Name approved (date); Archived; Locality name; Latitude; Longitude; Easting; Northing; Zone; Origin text.

Example: NORDAMBONGGONG; Place Name; [Archived] 8-Mar-01; NO LOCATION; 31 27 56 S; 116 26 10 E; 446439; 6518677; 50; Aboriginal place name shown on Cancelled Public Plan “C7” No. 0, drawn 1881, cancelled 21 February 1889.

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