Toodyay District Commonwealth Electoral Rolls (1903-1986) Main List

The five linked files contain data transcribed from the Australian Commonwealth Electoral Roll public files held at the Battye Library in the State Library of Western Australia. Electoral information for the Toodyay and Bolgart areas was recorded from microfiche files covering the period 1903 to 1986. This THS database is an alphabetical file of names, addresses, occupations and period when the name was listed. These files contain data that is not included in the files online, which only cover the period to 1980.

This database is the work of THS member Kaye Nielsen who transcribed this information for THS in the years 2012-2013. It is recommended that serious researchers double-check the data in the original files in the Battye Library, just in case there may have been transcription errors during the compilation of this large database. A check of the files in is also an alternative for those that subscribe to this service.

The main files contain the following information: Full name, Address; Occupation etc.; Dates listed. Example: Ashdown, Henry Elijah Richard; Woodendale Farm, Toodyay; Labourer; 1916-1917

File Date: 14 July 2021. Access: Investigator and Query Subscribers