Toodyay Cemetery: Old St John the Baptist Catholic Cemetery

Burials in the old St John the Baptist Catholic Cemetery, Duke Street, Toodyay: reference resource for the signage joint project of the Shire of Toodyay and the Toodyay Historical Society.

Information compiled by: Margie Eberle (Toodyay Shire Museum Curator/Cultural Heritage Officer), Beth Frayne (Toodyay Historical Society), Adam O’Neill (Toodyay Historical Society)

Photo caption: View from cemetery signage location off Duke Street, Toodyay. (Photo by M. Eberle, 20 Oct. 2022)

In the attached reference source are the names of 66 people that are known to be, or believed to be, buried in this cemetery.  These names are also listed on a sign located at the cemetery site, off Duke Street, Toodyay, in the section leading up to the Pelham Reserve lookout. Two signs were unveiled on the site on 14 November 2022. The signs were created with the assistance of Outback Graves.

Family names in this resource: Bailey, Bell, Black, Bonser, Bourke, Bowen, Buckley, Burns, Cam, Chitty, Connor, Connors, Crayton, Cunningham, Delaney, Divney, Donnelly, Foley, Gailey, Glass, Gorman, Hamilton, Hart, Hassell, Hawkins, Haywood, Hennessey, Joyce, Kennedy, Kirk, Leary, Lynch, Macpherson, Marshall, Mason, Matthews, McDonough, McKernan, Murphy, O’Dea, Palmer, Quinlan, Ryan, Slater, Smith, Sullivan, Wilding, Williams, Wood, Woods.

File date: 23 Nov. 2022. Access: Free to View