Toodyay Tidy Talk newsletter: No 1 Mar 2013

Newsletter of the Toodyay Tidy Towns Committee, mostly edited by TTTC Chairman Greg Warburton and Secretary Beth Frayne, with the last two issues edited by TTTC member Bridget Leggett. Many thanks to TTTC Chairperson Greg Warburton for giving THS permission to post these issues on this website.

This is the inaugural newsletter, the first of twenty issues. It was difficult to decide where to post these newsletters: Toodyay places, people or events. Tidy Town Toodyay covers all three!

Photo caption: Toodyay Friends of the River members Rebecca and Ric carrying back their Litter Load on Clean Up Australia Day in Toodyay on 3 March 2013. (Photo: Beth Frayne).

The Toodyay Tidy Towns Committee was formed on 18 July 2012, being the start of the sixth Tidy Towns campaign run by this town.

Contents in this issue: Tidy Towns – Sustainable Communities, here we come! (Our Registration is in!); Clean Up Australia Day, 3 March, Duidgee Park, 6am-noon; ‘Toodyay Bendigo Bank’ and its Adopt-a-Spot Sponsorship; Recycling bin pick-up service [starts] in Toodyay; Pharmacist Jeff Nicholas is one of Toodyay’s Recycling Champions; Toodyay District High School is a TTT Supporter!; Signage Update from TTTC Chairperson Greg; Library Info Spot info to go to Morangup, with the library books!; Creating our Tidy Towns Submission; Town Gardens improvements; TTT Supporters: Where are we at! We are at 16 Signed Up Supporters!; Greg’s Powerpoint Presentation “Have A Say”; Picture Gallery.

File date: 12 Dec. 2021 (updated 5 Jan. 2022). Access: Investigator and Query Subscribers.