Plaque Particular No. 1: Newcastle Municipal Chambers foundation stone, 1899

The first of the new type of Post about Plaques in Particular Places!

On 12 April 1899, the foundation stone was laid for the new Newcastle Municipal Chambers. The stone may still be seen on the facade of the Toodyay Memorial Hall, 117 Stirling Terrace, Toodyay.

Plaque text:

“This stone was laid by Mrs. W.G. Leeder, Mayoress. On the 12th day of April, 1899. W.G. Leeder. Mayor. Councillors. J. Donegan, E.G. Hasson, C.G. Ellery, B.M. Connor, H. Davey, E.F. Robins. J.A. Wroth, Town Clerk. A.J. Stewart & Co.  Contractors. C.H. Whiteford. Architect. ”    

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The silver trowel used by Mrs. Hannah Leeder to lay this stone is held in the Toodyay Shire Museums collection. See more here.

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