Julimar State Forest

Julimar State Forest Fast Facts, by Beth Frayne.

The Toodyay Historical Society went on a ‘Julimar Jaunt’ to the Julimar State Forest in March 2022. Friends from the Toodyay Naturalists’ Club, the Toodyay Friends of the River and the Julimar Forest Alliance were invited. The aim was the walk this Yued land in the north of the Forest , or, in our case, more like sit and share stories. Environmental history and heritage are an important part of our social history and health. Some of the stories shared on the day may be read in the attached document. This chronology has been updated a little, to record the new community mission to upgrade the protection of this State Forest.

Photo caption: Walking on the ‘wild’ side in the Julimar State Forest. (Photo: Toodyay Naturalists’ Club, Mar. 2022)

File date: 21 April 2023. Access: Free to View