Focus on New Free Research Resources

In June 2023, THS retired the Companion Subscrber option, as it did not seem to attract much interest.

Five ‘simple’ Name Lists devised for this option have now been released to the public, as Free to View resources.

We hope this change will attract potential Subscribers to delve a little deeper into the matching Main Detailed Lists, if they find a name of interest in the Free to View Name Lists.

Click on the highlighted names below to view the new Free to View Name List pages:

Toodyay Convict Database Extract (1850 onwards) Name List

Toodyay Local Government People (1871-1961, so far) Name List

Toodyay WA Post Office Directories Database (1893-1949) Name List

Toodyay District Commonwealth Electoral Rolls Database (1903-1986) Name List

Toodyay World War 1 Service People (1914 onwards) Name List

Post Date: 28 June 2023. Access: Free to View