Early Toodyay Electoral Rolls – Residents of the Toodyay District (1870-1875)

The five electoral rolls in this resource comprise some of the earliest complete lists of male settlers in the district of Toodyay (which then included parts of Northam and the Victoria Plains). It must be noted, however, that not every settler or inhabitant of the area is recorded in these lists. The original lists are held by the State Records Office of Western Australia, where they are listed as follows: Toodyay Police Station List of Electors Registered 1870-1875 State Records Office of W.A., (AN 5/TOODYAY), Consignment 422, Item 79.

Society member Adam O’Neill transcribed these rolls in 2021, formatted the resource, and wrote the introduction explaining the contents. These rolls only contain basic information: Name, nature of qualification, property location.


Anstey, Thomas;     Freehold £100;   Toodyay

Burnett, James;       Leasehold £10;   Victoria Plains

Monger, Stephen;   Household £10;   Newcastle

White, William;      Leasehold £10;    Northam

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