Reference Library

A selection of the Reference publications and materials held in our Research Centre at Donegan's Cottage, Toodyay Showgrounds, Toodyay WA.

Access to these books and other publications is only available at our Research Centre in Donegan’s Cottage.   

Currently, the Research Centre is open only by appointment. Please send us an Email Enquiry (via Contact Us), and we will make suitable arrangements to allow access to view these publications.

We are unable to lend these publications but copies may be held by public libraries.

The publications and other materials listed in the various Categories will be increased over time, as we complete our current library stocktake. Not all materials will be listed but most will be.

Our Map Collection will be the next to be checked before posting here on the website.

Category groupings: 

  1. Publications about Toodyay and Bolgart.
  2. Publications about the Avon Valley Region, which include Toodyay-related information.
  3. Publications about the WA Wheatbelt, which include Toodyay-related information.
  4. Publications about WA, which may include Toodyay-related information.
  5. Family histories and biographies, which include Toodyay-related infomation.
  6. Oral history publications produced by the Toodyay Historical Society.
  7. General reference publications on heritage, oral history, preservation, conservation.
  8. Journals held by the Toodyay Historical Society.
  9. Archival compilations produced by the Toodyay Historical Society.
  10. Toodyay and districts references in Early Days journals