Linda Rooney

President 2020 – 2023

Linda’s skills lie in her organising and finance skills and her experience in business development, event management and marketing. A passion for community has led her to participate in community groups in her new home in Toodyay. An interest in history led her to Toodyay Historical Society, her skills have been embraced by the THS membership, firstly as Secretary, then Treasurer and Secretary/Treasurer and now President. Linda has the strongest admiration for the THS’ dynamic research team comprising of dedicated volunteers of exceptional expertise. Well read, well written, well trained and dedicated volunteers that provide valuable information that make this website a valuable tool for all who seek insight into Toodyay history. Enjoy.

Robyn Taylor

Vice President - 2020-2023

Dr Robyn Taylor is an Honorary Life Member and Past President of the Toodyay Historical Society. She works as a registered Professional Historian in the fields of WA history, cultural heritage and art history. She co-authored Toodyay Homesteads (2006) with Dr Rica Erickson, and the history of Toodyay’s Butterly Cottages Association (2018). She has produced histories for conservation plans and heritage assessments on a number of Toodyay’s heritage buildings. Robyn has undertaken major projects as an art curator and is currently writing the biography of WA sculptor Edward F. Kohler (1890-1964), a former ANZAC who trained and practiced in Europe before returning to WA in 1932.

Beth Frayne

Secretary/Treasurer - 2022- 2023

Beth joined the Society in 2005, when it was short of a Secretary. She is an Honorary Life Member, volunteers as one of the Events Co-ordinators, and is a member of the Research Team, answering the myriad enquiries that are handled annually by the Society. Beth has now branched out into the unfathomable depths of website management. At the 2021 AGM, Beth accepted the task of being the joint Secretary/Treasurer. A retired librarian from Perth, she has lived in Toodyay for 21 years.

Desrae Clarke

Committee - 2019-2023

I have always loved ‘old’ objects with my first substantial acquisition an 1876 iron mantle clock that my mother was ‘throwing out’. It was badly rusted but the beautiful china face was without a blemish. I fully restored it and it sits proudly on show among many other precious ‘old’ pieces. With the purchase of land in the historic shire in 1984 the Toodyay Society was joined in 1988; a move to become a permanent resident was in 1989 after which, in 1991 I was asked to take the role of president. I resigned in 1994 from the now Toodyay Historical Society Inc and renewed the connection with the Society in 2007. In the past I have taken on the position of secretary and committee member and have also contributed a number of oral histories of Toodyay folk to the archives. In 2018 it was a great privilege to be made an Honorary Life Member of the Society.

Wayne Clarke

Committee - 2019-2023

Wayne (and wife Desraé) purchased land in Toodyay in 1984 and moved to live here in 1989. Joined the Toodyay Society in 1988 and oversaw the change to the ‘Historical Society’ in 1994. Held the offices of Vice President, Acting Secretary, Treasurer and committee member; made Honorary Life Members (2018). Interests are many and varied but mainly centre on the environment. Member of the Toodyay Naturalists;’ Club (since 1986), Secretary of the Toodyay Land Conservation District Committee (1991-2014), started the Toodyay Friends of the River (1994) and a member of the Shire’s Environment Committees. Member of the Avon River Management Authority (1993-2002), Avon Waterways Committee (2002-2011) and Conserving the Avon River Environment (2012, Current Chair); Deputy and then Chair of the Avon Catchment Council (2000-2008); member of the Western Australian Weeds Committee (2004-2007) and the Avon Nature Conservation Advisory Committee (1991-2014).

Milton Baxter

Committee - 2017-2023

Milton first joined the Society in about 2011, and has been an active member ever since, either as Vice President or Committee member. A keen genealogist, he has created research resources for the Society archives, and writes quirky articles for the newsletter. .He is often seen in his persona, Toodyay convict Thomas Shaw. In 2021, he was an made an Honorary Life Member to acknowledge his service to the Society.

Jenny Edgecombe

Committee - 2003-2023

Jenny gained tertiary qualifications in both History and Archives and Records Administration in NSW, teaching Ancient History and English for many years. After moving to WA in 1989, she worked on archival projects in a wide variety of institutions before becoming Records Manager and later University Archivist at UWA. The Edgecombes acquired a weekender near Toodyay in 2001 and Jenny joined the Historical Society in 2003. She has been a committee member and was the Society’s Archivist since that time until 2021, leading a number of excursions and giving many talks at THS meetings. She has represented the Society on many internal and external committees over the years. An Honorary Life Member, Jenny continues to be a member of the Research Team.

Patricia de Soto-Phillips

Committee - 2022-2023

Profile to come..

Adam O'Neill

Committee - 2021-2023

Adam was elected to the Committee at the 2021 AGM. A member of the Research Team, Adam is a valuable addition to the Committee, bringing a modern and youthful viewpoint on our activities and aspirations. He also is one of our website data managers. A UWA undergraduate, Adam also volunteers at the State Records Office of WA, so giving the Society a useful insight into the Toodyay archives in that instiution.

Len Leeder

Honorary Patron - 2012-2023

A Past President and Honorary Life Member, Len joined the Society in 1999. He was recruited by then THS President Jack Hammer, and elected Treasurer at the 1999 Annual General Meeting. He has been the Patron of the Society since 2012. Prior to that honorary position, he served on the Executive (Treasurer, 1999-2005, and President, 2009-2012 and 2019), or as a Committee Member. We know we can call on Len's experience to help the Society weather its challenges.