Category 10: Toodyay and districts references in Early Days journals

Early Days: Articles and references relating to the Toodyay district and surrounds, in Early days: journal and proceedings of the Royal Western Australian Historical Society.
Information in issues held in the THS Reference Library and other sources.
Information compiled by Jenny Edgecombe, Lee Francis, Beth Frayne, Toodyay Historical Society, with the assistance of RWAHS indexes.
Some issues online here: (may have to copy individual website links into your Search Engine)

IssueEssay TitleEssay AuthorPage and content
Vol. 1 (1), 1927Letters of early settlers   Article on Fremantle Stuff website:  Mrs E.D. Cowanp.57: Noongars at Toodyay.
Vol. 1 (6), 1929The York Road   Article on Fremantle Stuff website:  Mrs T Pelloep.2: Site of Toodyay chosen.
Vol. 1 (9), 1931An Archdeacon on tour, 1851E.C. Cliftonp.12: Culham; p.12-13: Harper family.
Vol. 2 (11), 1932The early Church in Western AustraliaT.G. Heydonp.14: 1862: Consecration of St. Stephen’s Anglican Church, Newcastle (Toodyay), Rev. Charles Harper.
Vol. 2 (11), 1932The Perth water frontJ.E. Hammondp.17: Sandalwood from Toodyay.
Vol. 2 (13), 1933Early years of the Methodist Church in Western AustraliaThe Rev’d C.A. Jenkinsp.7: Methodist Church in Perth, Bernard, Charles and James Clarkson were officers or teachers when the Sunday School was opened.
Vol. 2 (13), 1933The east-west telegraph,1875-7G.P. Stevensp.19: Telegraph lines in various places inc. Newcastle; p.23: Toodyay.
Vol. 2 (15), 1934Travels in Western Australia , 1870-74 – Extracts from the journal of Thomas ScottPaul Hasluckp.31: Newcastle, 1870, brief mention by Scott.
Vol. 2 (19), 1936Relations between settlers and aborigines in Western Australia   Article on Fremantle Stuff website:  A.O. Nevillep.29: Murder of Jones and Chidlow, and an attack on Mr. Waylen in Toodyay Valley.
Vol. 2 (19), 1936  Horse racing in Western AustraliaS.F. Cusackp.52: 1865, Toodyay racing, A. Lee-Steere.
Vol. 3 (5), 1943Convicts in Western AustraliaA. Burtonp.20: Toodyay, Rev. Charles Harper.
Vol. 3 (5), 1943Early history of Eastern Goldfields (from the records of Greaves and Risely)C.M. Harrisp.46: Toodyay gold.
Vol. 4 (1), 1949The visits of John Gilbert, naturalist, to Swan River ColonyMajor E.M. WhittellContains one paragraph on James Drummond at Toodyay, and numerous other references to Drummond. p.33: James Drummond, re Gilbert’s visits; p.37: James Drummond and Hawthornden; p.38: Gilbert and Drummond; p.45: Gilbert, Gould, Drummond and son; p.47: Drummond, Gilbert to Augusta.
Vol. 5 (3), 1957  No Toodyay refs.
Vol. 5 (5), 1959The Lefroys at WalebingR.E. Cranfieldp.45: Bolgart district.
Vol. 5 (7), 1961History of the Teacher’s Union of Western AustraliaA.E. Williamsp.14: Teachers’ Union, Newcastle School mentioned.
Vol. 5 (7), 1961Bolgart Historical Society report P. 49: A short report on Bolgart Historical Society a 1959 date for some of the slides THS obtained from Patron Rica Erickson in 2003.
Vol. 5 (7), 1961The Volunteer Movement in Western AustraliaGeo. F. WieckContains a short section on York Volunteer Corps and mentions that they were unable to set one up in Toodyay. p.55: Volunteer movements in WA, cadets, no one at Newcastle to take charge; p.64: 1900, detachment raised in Newcastle.
Vol. 5 (7), 1961The first ten years in the Swan River Colony – some old errors correctedA.C. Staplesp.90: land distribution on the Swan and Avon.
Vol. 5 (7), 1961News p.97: Bolgart Branch meetings, 1959, looking at Lukin, Deepdale, papers, and information on other early settlers in the area.
Vol. 6 (1), 1962Excursion report p.7: Excursion to Guildford, Swan district, Toodyay Old Gaol, Culham and Hawthornden.
Vol. 6 (1), 1962A history of Wongan HillsR.R.B. Acklandp.61: history of Wongan Hills, Durlacher, Drummond; p. 63: Chittys, Twines, Quinlans, Salvado, Roe, Slater, etc.; p.71: 1907, Hancey, prospector for syndicate, from Newcastle, went north beyond Bolgart, Wyening.
Vol. 6 (1), 1962A history of mining in the Geraldton DistrictG.J. Kellyp. 80: copper mine at White Peak, John Drummond.
Vol. 6 (3), 1964Early days at Bolgart   THS issue not sighted yet.Rica Ericksonp. 46-61: Bolgart; p.50: Toodyay Valley; p.53: Culham; P.59: Bolgart gold.
Vol. 6 (5), 1966The Irwin Story Mother Mary AlbertusMother Mary Albertusp.12: Culham.
Vol. 6 (7), 1968The Letters of Emily Roberts: a picture of farming life in the South -West in the 1890’sJ.H.M. Honniballp.75: Letters of Emily Roberts, 1897, parents to attend at Newcastle Show.
Vol. 7 (1), 1969A second look at the early years of methodism in Western Australia 1830-1855The Rev’d. William McNairp.82: Barnard Clarkson, asking for a missionary to Swan River Colony.
Vol. 7 (1), 1969Catherine Gavin’s Story, 1839-1923: an Irish exile at Solomon’s Well on the Old Plains Road   Article on Fremantle Stuff website:  Rica Ericksonp. 89-101: Catherine Gavin’s story, 1839-1923; p.89: Bolgart district; p.90: Newcastle, Culham Church; p. 92-92: various Toodyay settlers; p.94: Newcastle railway line.
Vol. 7 (2), 1970  No Toodyay refs.
Vol. 7 (3), 1971T. N. Yule, Esq.: a gentleman of misfortune   Article on Fremantle Stuff website:  Rica Ericksonp. 7-25: Yule selected 15,000 acres at Byeen in 1836. Toodyay people and properties eg Ferguson, Harper, Phillips, McDermott, Bejoording, Harris, Viveash, Whitfield, The Carroll, Byeen, Slade, Gregory, Macpherson.
Vol. 7 (3), 1971Walter Padbury (1820-1907): pioneer pastoralist, merchant and philanthropist   Article on Fremantle Stuff website:  Cara Cammillerip. 52: Walter Padbury, E. Conlin, shepherd, from Toodyay.
Vol. 7 (3), 1971Early colonial taverns and inns (Part 1)   Article on Fremantle Stuff website:  Trevor Tuckfieldp.68: Lionel Lukin, North Fremantle; p. 69: Alfred Waylen; p.84: Frederick Barlee, Phillips, Culham, Toodyay Show, Herbert’s Hotel, 1855, Toodyay Agricultural Society.
Vol. 7 (3), 1971The country tours of a colonial secretaryJ.H.M. HonniballMentions numerous visits to Toodyay by Sir Frederick Barlee between 1855 and 1875. p.86: Barlee’s second visit to Toodyay, Culham, 1856; p. 90: 1857, 1858, Barlee guest at Culham 3 times; p. 91: 1859, Toodyay Show, Kennedy and Barlee; p. 101: 1864, Barlee to Toodyay Show; p.101: 1869, Weld and Barlee at Toodyay Show; p.107: 1872, Barlee visit to Newcastle, for Clifton wedding; p.109: 1873, Barlee went to his last show at Newcastle.
Vol. 7 (4), 1972  No Toodyay refs.
Vol. 7 (5), 1973James Woodward Turner of AugustaRose Watsonp.12: Story of Turners at Augusta, photo of Nancy Green (formerly McDermott, nee Turner); p.22: Capt. James McDermott; p. 23: Dr. Alfred Green; p.31: marriage of Nancy to Dr. Green.
Vol. 7 (5), 1973Who owned Swan Location 61?S.G. Demassonp.79: Lionel Lukin, Waylen snr, Applecross land.
Vol. 7 (6), 1974 Jane Adams of MangowineRica Ericksonp. 7-25: Jane Adams of Mangowine. Mentions Edward Clarkson, Leeder, Connor, Rowles.
Vol. 7 (7), 1975E.H. Laurence, Stipendiary Magistrate, Part 1  J.H.M. Honniball  p.10: Mag. E.H. Laurence, earlier sent to Toodyay to be clerk to Durlacher.
Vol. 7 (7), 1975New Holland in Europe  Kathleen D. Napier  p.60: Heuegel walked with Drummond.
Vol. 7 (7), 1975  John Septimus Roe: first explorer of the Wheatlands; the search for an inland sea   Article on Fremantle Stuff website:    Eva Braid  p.94: Bolgart district, McDermotts; p.96: Sophia Roe marrying Samuel Pole Phillips of Culham.
Vol. 7 (8), 1976 RWAHS Golden Jubilee issue No Toodyay refs.
Vol. 7 (9), 1977    
Vol. 8 (2), 1978The Aboriginal practice of firing the bush: the evidence of early newspapersP.H. Armstrongp. 32: Excursion to Moore River by Scully, Drummond and two Aborigines.
Vol. 8 (2), 1978Pioneer droving in the North WestI.D. Heppingstone  p.50: Photo of Clarkson party from 1874, who went droving in the N-W.
Vol. 8 (3), 1979Those fabled firsts of the Swan River Colony   Article on Fremantle Stuff website:  Rica Ericksonp.9: Story of Sophia Roe, who was thought to be the first white girl born in WA on 25 Dec. 1829, but research shows there were 4 girls before her; p.11: Last survivors of the first colonists included 3 Drummond siblings; p. 12: James Drummond.
Vol. 8 (3), 1979The murder of Constable Patrick HackettMollie Bentleyp. 77 onwards:  This took place at Beverley, with much of the court action at York.
Vol. 8 (3), 1979Wise man from the east: the educational career of Senior Inspector MilesJohn A. McKenziep.57-62: Toodyay School;  p.58: Inspector Miles at Toodyay, 1916, re Observation School, Toodyay Herald, Toodyay Road Board; p.61: Toodyay school system.
Vol. 8 (4), 1980Explorer surveyors’ classification work  E. Braid  Contains some information about Toodyay and also about the second Rabbit Proof Fence intended to safeguard the Avon Valley. p.23: Avon Valley, Slaters; p.27: Toodyay Road Board; p.29: Avon Valley, Charles Dempster, Twine, Hancock, Meares, Forward, Bonsers; p.36: rabbit-proof fence saved the Avon Valley; p.40: Surveyor John Aubrey Nunn, married Rose Smith, 1909, of ‘Clayton’.
Vol. 8 (4), 1980News p.92: Rica Erickson made Hon. Life Member of WA Naturalists’ Club.
Vol. 8 (5), 1981A review of the first century of Italian migration to Western AustraliaJ. Gentilli, C. Stransky & C. Iracip. 29-30: Italian migration, Canon (Raffaele) Martelli, appointed Parish Priest in Old Toodyay; p.33: Coorinja, Pondelli and Busato.
Vol. 8 (5), 1981Western Australia until 1869: The maritime perspective, Part 1  F.J.A. Broeze  p.55: Lionel Lukin’s ferry service.
Vol. 8 (5), 1981‘Superior’ boys schools in a pioneering community: the Swan River Settlement, 1829 to 1855David Adamsp.77: Harper’s Rectory School; p.78: ‘Classical’ school, was in rectory at Toodyay, 1849, F. Sherwood, Rev. Harper; p.83: Alfred Grey, teacher, 1856, new school in Toodyay, sacked; p.84: Rev. Charles Harper’s school; p.85: Chas. Harper Jnr, schooling, Toodyay; p.87: Toodyay.
Vol. 8 (6), 1982Pioneer seashore botanists in Western AustraliaG.G. Smithp.87: Botanist Preiss and Drummond; p.88: Preiss, Drummond; p.93: Drummond, Harvey; p.99: William Ayshford Sanford went collecting with Robert Austin, Drummond report.
Vol. 9 (1), 1983Co-operative Bulk Handling, Limited, 1933 to 1983Professor R.T. Appleyardp.19: Toodyay.
Vol. 9 (1), 1983John Seabrook of Brookton HouseJack M. Seabrookp.92: Avon River; p.96: Toodyay.
Vol. 9 (1), 1983Eliza Tracey: A woman with a grievance   Article on Fremantle Stuff website: EricksonShe ran a pub on Toodyay-Guildford Road, was involved in numerous court cases against James Drummond Jnr, and was later involved in shady dealings over Richard Edmunds and ‘Woodendale’ and was involved in many court cases. p.103-116: Eliza Tracey, married expiree James Tracey, wayside humpy on Toodyay Road, Drummond, Newcastle legal case 1872, Taunton, Broadhurst, Maher, housekeeper to Richard Edmonds, Woodendale (Nunile), Hewson, Ferguson.   
Vol. 9 (2), 1984The first (W.A.) Finnertys – father and sonDr. Pamela Stathamp. 17: Major Charles Finnerty who served as a Pensioner Guard in Toodyay late 1860s or early 1870s; p.19: Toodyay.
Vol. 9 (2), 1984Western Australia ‘s Chinese immigration policyDr. J. Gentillip.88: Chinese migration, 18 Chinese at or near Toodyay; p.91: Avon Valley.
Vol. 9 (3), 1985  p. 9: Tours in June to Northam and Toodyay.
Vol. 9 (4), 1986The museum of childhood 1969-1984Mary and John McKenziep.23: Brian Shepherd, Museum of Childhood.
Vol. 9 (5), 1987The celebration of Queen Victoria’s Jubilee in Western AustraliaJ.H.M. Honniballp. 33: Jubilee, Newcastle, Chairman to Mayor, 1887.
Vol. 9 (6), 1988If it hadn’t been for the MurphysDr. Rica Ericksonp. 53-64: Murphy and Kennedy families at ‘Vinegar Hill’, in Toodyay, p.98, McDermott, Dumbarton, Toodyay stock brand.
Vol. 9 (6), 1988Stock brands of the 19th CenturyNan Broadp. 99 onwards: Shows a brand from at least one Toodyay property.
Vol. 10 (1), 1989  No Toodyay refs.
Vol. 10 (2), 1990Vasse Felix Vineyard and West Australian wine growingTom Cullityp.115: Woods and wine making at Toodyay in 1950s.
Vol. 10 (2), 1990The centenary of responsible government in Western AustraliaDavid Blackp.145:  Proclamation Day, 1890: Newcastle school children went to Perth to join a parade. 
Vol. 10 (3), 1991The Smith family and the steam millWilliam J. de Burghp.229: Deepdale, Lukin, for sale, 1850; p.230: John Byrne, blacksmith, Drummond’s Mill.
Vol. 10 (3), 1991The early days of wool in Western AustraliaChris Fyfep.267: Wool, Drummond, York Road poison; p.272: Wool came from York and Toodyay (4/5ths of sheep).
Vol. 10 (3), 1991Drachms, draughts and drugsSuzanne JacobsDescribes arrival of pharmacists in WA, the preparations they sold, and includes something on use of sandalwood. p.284: Dr. Waylen (b.1833), 1st WA born medical practitioner.
Vol. 10 (3), 1991Telephony in Western Australia 1887-1987John Moynihanp.303: general, but does include one mention of Bolgart.
Vol. 10 (4), 1992The de’il’s awa’ wi’ the excisemanMel Jarvisp.361: Excise on alcohol; Woods, Toodyay.
Vol. 10 (4), 1992Cecil Andrews, Director of EducationA.E. (Bert) Williamsp.373: Cecil Andrews, Director of Education, educationalist of note James Miles, who conducted experiments at Toodyay.
Vol. 10 (4), 1992A history of tropical cyclones in the Southwest of Western Australia, 1830-1992Barry Hanstrump.405: Cyclone Alby, Albie North.
Vol. 10 (4), 1992George Phillip StevensRay Oldhamp.409: George Phillip Stevens, early years at Toodyay, Keynsham, Durley Hill, telegraph; p.413: Dempsters, managers Benjamin Hannett, Laurence Sinclair and families, from Toodyay.
Vol. 10 (5), 1993Murchison drought – and the reactions of two menNan Broadp.503: refs. to Macpherson and other Scotch shepherds, Waldecks, Whitfields, Dempsters.
Vol. 10 (5), 1993Alfred Carson – An exceedingly clever and learned manRica Ericksonp.555: Dewars, Phillips, Hamersley and Burges Co.; p. 562: visit to Toodyay HS.
Vol. 10 (6), 1994John Thomson – forester and conservationistAndrew Thomsonp.605: John Thomson, forester, attended Convent boarding school in Toodyay for 18 months.
Vol. 10 (6), 1994Seats of justice – courthouses as places of historyR.D. NicholsonIncludes one small section on country courthouses designed by Temple-Poole, with Toodyay included in the list. p.641: court building in Toodyay, George Temple Poole, 1890s.
Vol. 11 (1), 1995Transformations in cultural identity: displaced persons in Southern W.A. – Post World War IIKerry Evansp.114: Displaced Polish man worked for railways in Toodyay.
Vol. 11 (1), 1995Excursion news p.128: tour to Toodyay and New Norcia en route to Berkshire Valley, Neville Marchant, J. Preiss.
Vol. 11 (2), 1996The marvellous CorricksBarrie Kingp.175: Marvellous Corricks, played in Toodyay, Kookynie, 1907.
Vol. 11 (3), 1997An essay on farmhousesRica Ericksonp. 273-283: Quite a lot of detail on houses built 1836-1900, “Northam to Bolgart at the head of the Toodyay Valley”; p. 276: Bolgart district; p.279: Culham farm; p.283: men engaged on building Buckland, most were expirees. 
Vol. 11 (4), 1998Introduction Ernest Lee Steere awarded Honorary Life Membership.  
Vol. 11 (5), 1999Thomas Hill Dixon: first superintendent of convicts in Western Australia   Article on Fremantle stuff website:  Tony Stebbingp.614: Thomas Hill Dixon and his ‘wife’; she was banished to Toodyay in 1851; he stayed in Fremantle; visited his wife in 1854.
Vol. 11 (6), 2000A history of hunting with hounds in Western AustraliaMarion Hercockp.705: 1967, WA Hunt Club organised a training camp for children hosted at John and Lesley Phillips, Culham.
Vol. 12 (1), 2001From byway to highway: the linking of port & capitalRuth Marchant Jamesp.14: Ferries: Lionel Lukin at Farm Lilburne (Lilbourne), North Fremantle.
Vol. 12 (1), 2001The dual administrative establishments of the Imperial and Colonial Governments in the convict eraJack Honniballp.33: Alfred Durlacher, RM at Toodyay, exercised a beneficial influence in his district.
Vol. 12 (1), 2001Crawley Park and its occupants, 1829-1910Alison V. Brainp.42: Whitfields, at ‘Crawley Park’ (later Shenton House), 1867 (now in UWA), George Shenton, Toodyay MLC rep.
Vol. 12 (2), 2002‘Like a snail, unwillingly . . .’: Colonial schools for colonial childrenMargaret Lovep.166: Anthony Trollope, 1872 visit to WA, excursions to Northam and Toodyay.
Vol. 12 (3), 2003Aborigines, settlers and native animals: a zoological history of the South-westDr Ian Abbottp. 235: Aborigines, settlers, etc.: 1887, tens of thousands of silvereyes (birds) seen in a vineyard near Toodyay.
Vol. 12 (4), 2004Scottishness in Colonial Western Australia: Individual expressions of identity, arrivals 1829-Dr Leigh S.L. Strawp. 343: Scots: Rica Erickson writings; p.344: Scottish migration patterns, 18% in Toodyay district were Scots; p.346: Scottish names homes in Toodyay district: McIntosh, Macpherson, Glendearg, Glentromie, Hawthornden; p.345: 1855, Highand Laddie inn, West Toodyay; p.352: McIntosh, Macpherson in Culham Cemetery, Charles and Mary Glass at Toodyay Public Cemetery.
Vol. 12 (4), 2004The Minburra farmhouses and the Forrester family of Southern CrossLyall Hunt, Brian Jackson and Erna Forresterp. 413: Rica Erickson’s study on farmhouse in Toodyay Valley.
Vol. 12 (5), 2005The Furphy family in Western Australia: upwardly mobile in PerthPatricia Kotai-Ewersp.548: Dr. Robyn Taylor and Trish Kotai-Ewers, Mattie Furphy House Conservation Plan, 2005;
Vol. 12 (5), 2005Documenting a flora: a history of the Western Australian Herbarium & its collectionsDr Neville Marchantp.568: Neville Marchant, flora, James Drummond, collecting etc..
Vol. 12 (5), 2005Notes p. 580: Publication of the Proceedings of the Drummond Symposium, held in Toodyay on 27 Aug. 2004.
Vol. 12 (6), 2006Forty years of the Royal Western Australian Historical Society: 1936-1976Rica Ericksonp.591: Ref. to RWAHS members having tours inc. to Toodyay.
Vol. 12 (6), 2006The botanic gardens of Western AustraliaLise Summersp.654: Photo of people in King Parks, ref. to Government Domain’s nursery garden established by James Drummond; p.658: Stirling’s plan: new government house to include the nursery in its private area so Drummond left; p.664: Robyn Taylor and Dorothy Erickson and their heritage assessment of Kings Park (1997).
Vol. 13 (1), 2007A passion for palms: the work of Henry CampbellGillian Lillymanp.18: James Drummond, position as Government Gardener, 1831, but not funded, so lacked status.
Vol. 13 (1), 2007Anyone for croquet?: a history of the game in WAHartley Slaterp.38: croquet, Toodyay had a croquet club.
Vol. 13 (2), 2008A most maligned manDevenish,Brucep.158: Settler/Aboriginal conflict of Toodyay and York eg Chidlow, Jones, Waylen, Chipper.
Vol. 13 (3), 2009Pensioner guards at East Perth CemeteryGillian O’Marap. 355: Allocations of land given to Enrolled Pensioner Guards, Toodyay mentioned.
Vol. 13 (4), 2010  No Toodyay refs.
Vol.14 (1), 2012Garden Island in the winter of 1829Steve Erringtonp. 3: Appointments to new settlement, 1828: James Drummond, Agriculturalist; p.5: Drummond endorsed Stirling’s opinion of the soil, that it would grow anything; p.7: Drummond and Reveley on Garden Island in 1829: had men allocated to them to form teams to do work eg garden making.
Vol.14 (2), 2013Divorcing Bridget Taafe: the mad, bad and sad women of Fremantle 1850-1900Deborah Garep. 220: Women of Fremantle: Toodyay RM concerned about state of mind of Ann Tippett of Toodyay; she was charged with desertion and put in Perth Gaol.
Vol.14 (2), 2013Kelmscott – the town that never wasJennie and Bevan Carterp.270: Kelmscott: ref. to Moondyne Joe (Joseph Bolitho Johns) and steer killing;  Joe had been in gaol with Henry Martin, senr. 
Vol. 14 (3), 2014The life and crimes of John Benedict LomasSteve Erringtonp.310: John Benedict Lomas, looked for work around Toodyay, RM Yule; p.322: Lomas arrested as bushranger in Toodyay.
Vol. 14 (3), 2014Investigating sudden death: inquests in early colonial Western Australia, 1829-1840Lenore Laymanp.418: Elizabeth Gamble’s young daughter died of burns; indentured to James and Sarah Drummond, death inquest initiated by them, 1830; p.428:  Jane Green and death of her baby at Whitfields at Toodyay;
Vol. 14 (3), 2014Pioneers Memorial Service, East Perth Cemeteries, 1 June 2014: Walter Padbury p.457: Walter Padbury: sold sheep in Toodyay area etc.; p.458: Walter Padbury leased 4000 aces SE of Toodyay.
Vol. 102, 2018  No Toodyay refs.
Vol. 103, 2019  No Toodyay refs.
Vol. 104, 2020  A candle in the caveJennie Carter and Bill Bunburyp.3: Bill Bunbury worked on regional films inc. one on Toodyay.
Vol. 104, 2020Caves Road: the forgotten pathfindersGillian Lilleymanp.20: development of Caves Road: worker Thomas Robinson, by 1843, was working for Samuel P. Phillips and Edward Hamersley; p.22: 1845, Dewer secured Toodyay mail contract.  

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