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Oral Histories of Toodyay

Share with us, our Collection and future generations, your memories of events and activities in the town you lived in or visited, Toodyay. We all have our own memories of certain events – even the most dramatic ones, like a bus crash or a flood. Sharing those memories from your perspective, gives current and future researchers an insight into the machinations of the people of Toodyay that is beyond what the newspaper of the day may have captured. Your story may include people who may have gone unrecognised in certain circumstances, or detail of an unknown side story . These stories build a broader picture, not just for historians and researchers, but for the wider community and those interested in preserving Toodyay’s history and culture. Your memories are valued!
Toodyay Historical Society Oral History Team asks that you take 15 minutes to record your story and upload it to our website for future research use. You will need to have an agreement to complete an agreement for the upload that will allow you to choose whether, and when, your story should be released to the public, or remain as restricted[?] research information only.
Step 1 Decide on your story.
Step 2  give it a title/heading that is recognisable.
Step 3  Save the recording/s on your device.
Step 4   Use this LINK to complete the online agreement forms and upload your recording/s.
Want to have a professional record your story? Book a time HERE to speak to our trained Oral History recorders and we will make a mutual time to do a 1 hour supported recording.