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Toodyay Event: Moondyne Festival, 2014 (Beth Frayne)
Toodyay Place: Stirling Terrace, 2018 (Robyn D. Taylor)
Toodyay People: Camerer and Ludemann families in the Toodyay Showgrounds, ca1909 (THS Collection)

The Toodyay Historical Society welcomes you to our technological portal to historic Toodyay.
Within this portal, you will find historical records relating to the establishment of one of the first towns in the colony of Western Australia circa 1836. Here you will find a plethora of information on its interwoven social history, including the built and environmental heritage of the original townsite (old Toodyay, now West Toodyay) and its current location (Toodyay, formerly Newcastle), its inhabitants, visitors, influencers and their origins.

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31 May 2023: New Post (And the First of a new sort of Post):

Plaque Particular No. 1: Newcastle Municipal Chambers foundation stone, 1899, by Beth Frayne; Free to View.

14 May 2023: New Post: ToodyaYesterday essay: The old Duke Street School (1887) site, Toodyay: a short history, by Beth Frayne; For Investigator and Query Subscribers.

28 April 2023: New Post: Toodyay Oral Histories online on the State Library of Western Australia website; Free to View the links and download the list.

Information and research has been collected and collated since the inception of the Toodyay Historical Society (as the Toodyay Society) in 1980. Initially established to ensure the retention of the historic built heritage of the town and the maintenance of that heritage, the members of the Society have been instrumental in saving many historic buildings in Toodyay and publishing a variety of well researched and documented insights into the social and technical heritage of the district. This portal provides you access to that information.

As a casual visitor you will see daily anecdotes of social history in our fact bites, society members’ activities, an events calendar, bookshop, new research updates and links to Toodyay-related online resources.

We encourage you to invest a small fee so you can delve into our extensive online portal and conduct your own Toodyay-related research that includes but is not limited to: convicts, early census records, electoral roll information, world war service people, built heritage, planning and architecture, families 1836 to 1900 and beyond, bushrangers, events, pioneers, the environment, religious activity, agriculture, industry and social influencers.

 If you require more information on your research subject, for a very reasonable fee you can have direct access to our talented, tenacious and knowledgeable volunteer researchers.
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