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 Duidgeeana No38 Autumn 2015

Feature article: Why does Toodyay’s War Memorial resemble an Egyptian Obelisk? - Dr Robyn Taylor.

                          The Toodyay Park, or, Anyone for tennis? – Beth Frayne.


 Duidgeeana No39 Winter 2015

Feature article: New stories about the Old Gaol by Beth Frayne


 Duidgeeana No40 Spring 2015

Feature article: 150th Anniversary of the Old Gaol: the Toodyay Lockup by Dr Robyn Taylor


 Duidgeeana No41 Summer 2015

Feature article: Camels at Culham revisited: the Ernest Giles visit by Greg Warburton


 Duidgeeana No42 Autumn 2016  

Feature article:The history of the Land Conservation District Committee (1989-2015) by Wayne Clarke


 Duidgeeana No43 Winter 2016  

Feature article: SEARCHING FOR MOONDYNE, by Milton A. Baxter 


  Duidgeeana No44 Spring 2016  

 Feature article: THE OLD POLICE STATION, DUKE ST, TOODYAY,  by Beth Frayne 


Duidgeeana No45 Summer 2017

 Feature article: PAMELA RAE WALSH (1951 – 2017) ‘She walked two worlds and embraced them both.’ Compiled by Dr Robyn Taylor


Duidgeeana No46

Feature article: ALMA BEARD: THE NURSE WHO DIDN'T COME HOME by Jenny Edgecombe


Feature article: DEFINITELY NOT JUST TEA AND SCONES:  'Toodyay CWA has been serving the Toodyay community for 90 years, 1927-2017'. By Beth Frayne 
Feature article: TOODYAYESTERDAY; Building a Toodyay Ticket of Leave Men Database By Beth Frayne and colleagues
Feature article:  A HOUGOUMONT SPECIAL EDITION. A number of events have been held this year to commemorate the last ship to transport convicts to Australia. The Hougoumont arrived at Fremantle in January 1868. Two of our members, Alison Cromb and Eva Smith, kindly agreed to write articles based on this significant event. 
Beth Frayne provides an update on her work on Toodyay Ticket-of-leavers. 
Feature article: VALE - MRS RAY PAYNTER (1930-2018)

Coming Events


Please note: Social distancing and other precautions will be observed at all events in accordance with  the government regulations in force at the time 




Sun 27 June, 2pm: Visit to Former St John the Baptist Catholic Church, Toodyay, now a private residence.

Visit and afternoon tea (please bring plate to share). Please park on the road.

The owners have given permission for us to have our afternoon tea around their enormous kitchen table, but bring a folding chair just in case! Member Adam O’Neill will speak on the building's history and launch his new booklet on this topic. 


Wed 21 July: General Meeting

7 pm, Anglican Hall Stirling Terrace, Toodyay

Feature Speaker:

Brian Wood

Sat 31 July: Visit to Yanchep Park 

Stayover an option

Sun 15 August: Annual General Meeting

Guest Speaker: Dr Margaret Pember

 2 pm, Anglican Hall

Stirling Terrace, Toodyay

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Drummond House Stirling Terrace
Now Open to the public, Saturdays, 10am-noon. Come in and chat, or leave an information request for our archives section. 
Research Access
Donegan's Cottage
Toodyay Showgrounds:
Thursdays 1-3pm 


 THS Snapshots  

Previous years
Some of our favourite events
Historic Connor's Mill
THS members enjoying Beth's lively stories of  the Connor's Mill building during its period as the Powerhouse generating Toodyay's  electricity in the first half of the 20th Century.  


The Edison Phonograph returns to Toodyay
Richard Rennie entertained a capacity crowd in the Toodyay Library, speaking on Professor Archibald's remarkable demonstration of the Edison Phonograph in the Newcastle  Mechanics' Institute on Sept 3 1891. Richard also demonstrated a genuine cylinder being played on an Edison Phonograph.

E.L. Mitchell: the photographer who shaped Australia

Joanna Sassoon, special guest at our AGM in April, gave a fascinating talk on her recent book about E.L.Mitchell, the boy from Yorkshire who became a commercial photographer, much in demand. 
Mitchell moved to W.A. in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. His work was often published in Western Mail features and the Battye Library holds large numbers of his works, which have tremendous value now for historians.
He was a superb photographer. Toodyay Historical Society has obtained copies of 19 wonderful images of Toodyay and surrounds, c.1920, believed to be the work of Mitchell.
These included iconic local buildings such as  Masonic Lodge, Gaol and St Stephen's,St Philip's Church and rare shots of what were probably Yock Lunn's orchard and  Coondle School.







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